The Event

Over the past seven years, our friends have gathered beside that small pond to cook and eat a big pig, play & listen to some live music, enjoy a few libations and catch up on the years that have passed between. This year we are getting together to do it all again.

If you don’t know anyone who’s attending the ‘Dig, this probably isn’t the thing for you. But for those of you who are "in", and might have just forgotten a bit of the details, check out the event page.

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The Community

The Dig is nothing without the community that stands behind it. In almost every challenge we’ve faced, people have been there to help make sure everything works as safe, worry free, and enjoyable as possible. We feel truly blessed to have this family of friends involved in our special event, and look forward to cultivating this family in the years to come.

Our Community

Big Pig Dig 8

Big Pig Dig is gonna be huge this year. Or is it just that you are really, really small?

Either way, the amount of fun you'll be having is pretty much immeasurable, and this year, kick back as we take you through an Adventure in Wonderland.

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